by pan_i_władca


  • Turmeric Cake with Caramelized Lemons

    by rozkoszny

    It would be another ordinary cake if it wasn’t the color of the sun. The loaf is painted with a rather bountiful pinch of turmeric that brings out an additional …

  • Hazelnut Frangipane Sweet Buns with Pears

    by rozkoszny

    Like a bun but luxurious as a dessert. A soft, buttery dough is filled with a hazelnut frangipane, topped with a large piece of almost creamy pear and drizzled with …

  • Favorite Szarlotka: Polish Apple Pie

    by rozkoszny

    A special cake: szarlotka. With lots of tart apples, cooked till mushy with just lemon and cinnamon. And wrapped in a big amount of a buttery, slightly salty dough with …

  • Basque Cheesecake (But Even Better)

    by rozkoszny

    If you ask any foodie what they think the best cheesecake in the world is, nearly everyone will point to Basque cheesecake — an anti-cheesecake. It’s burnt like a well-caramelized …

  • Easy Banana Bread

    by rozkoszny

    A banana never-ending story. I’ve developed many different cakes in my life, but this banana bread is simply addicting. Fluffy, spicy and trivially easy (requires just a bowl, fork and …